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Pioneer Club

Such fond memoried :D Haha. Shall I explain?

There is this group thing at one of the many churches in our town, called Pioneer Girls Club. It’s kind of like a girls scout thing…only Christian.  I used to go to it from age 8/9 till the very last year I couldn’t, which was around 11 years old. Most of my years there were awesome. I had a amazing teacher, Mrs. Jones, who truly was an amazing teacher, honestly :)  My years in her class were the best years. 

So anyway. Noah’s friend, Sophie – who we used to watch last year, along with her little sister – was over for a visit with her Mum and Natalie yesterday, and they were talking about Pioneer Girls. Noah decided she wanted to try, so we did. Mum and I brought her into town, and brought her into the class room she was supposed to be in. This group was a little different from the one I was in, as I started in 3rd grade, while she is in 2nd grade and that’s a different class.  Mum and I waited the hour and 15 minutes there, while Noah ‘learned’ supposedly ;) I recognized lots of girls from when I was in it, but they had um…become extremely worldly :( It was sad to see. Then there was some youth group apparently going on too, and there were these three boys (teen) who were out and seriously fighting –like serious fighting. Not just knocking each other around. They were full out punching each other hard. No matter who told them to stop, they didn’t. It was quite rediculous. Mum finally told them to stop :P Good for her, I thought.

Noah said she had a good time, and she might go back she said. We’ll see. I’m worried about it, because of…well…the influences she might be with and the bad habits she could pick up, and she will most likely deal with girls being ‘clicky’ which I did, and hated. Girls can be nasty, even at a young age. I’m not saying it’s right to fight, but sometimes, I wish I could’ve just pounded some of the girls then, instead of just listening to them make horrid comments. I’m not good with words…mean ones at least…which is probably good…but it was hard at the time.

Anywho, so that’s what we did last evening.

I am really praying about starting a Bright Lights group…can’t say how much I don’t want to…I like keeping to myself…I’m quieter. I don’t like talking in front of people, even if they’re younger than me. But if God keeps pushing the idea forward, I will obey…I already know several girls who could come.

Alright, there you have a senseless post.



I am a 22 year old homeschool graduate who is passionately in love with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I love writing, reading, knife/tomahawk-throwing, and letter-writing, among other things. :)

7 thoughts on “Pioneer Club

  1. I’ve never heard of Pionner Girls club, but I’m glad your years at PGC were great! :)
    Sounds interesting.

    I hope it goes well with your Bright Lights group, don’t worry I don’t like talking in front of people either, even little kids. ;) But God know’s what He’s doing, and if you’re meant to start one it’ll work out right. :)

    1. Hey Jessica! Thank you for your comments! I was delighted to see them!! :)
      Thank you :) I’m sure it will. God gave the official ‘Go ahead’ for starting the group. He provided the money needed, and so we’ll get the supplies ordered, and I’ll start a group sometime soonish! :)
      Yes, thank goodness He does! I’d be a mess if He didn’t :)

  2. @Jessica Haha, I need to start commenting on your blog now! Muahaha! ;) I keep meaning to go over there, but then my computer time gets cut short! I WILL make it over to your lovely blog that I HAVE visited before :D

    @Bekah Yes, I am half excited for it ;) Nervous about praying outloud too…haha, I usually pray quietly by myself. I have a hard time praying in front of my family! But God will be my strenght :)

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