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Random;weddingdetails;walking;thetruck; ect ect ect.

Mmmhhhm. This is all of those titles. This post could be random, (Most likely) this post could contain wedding details, this post could contain walking details, this post could contain walking, this post could contain the truck, or it could contain more. Just wait and see.

On Monday, my family left the house at 10:45am or so. My Dad and Noah were going up to Brainard to get a Godsend lawn-mower – it’s a Godsend, because Dad prayed about finding the perfect lawn-mower after selling his tractor. And he found this lawn-mower that has attachments and everything for half the price of everything else. So good. Anyway, he dropped Mum, Dallas and I off at the Mall in St.Cloud to ‘Bridal/wedding  shop’ So we walked around the mall, not finding much. Can you believe that the St.Cloud mall didn’t have one bridal shop? They had dress shops, in which were a couple white dresses, but who wants a sleeveless prom-looking white dress? Not Dallas. Anyone can have their prefrence, but that wasn’t Dallas’s. So we walked across the street to Michaels to look at flowers.  There were quite a bit of flowers, but most looked really really fake. So after spending a tiny while there, we decided to go to Pawn America which was right next to Michaels. We looked at the wedding bands for David. Just to get an idea. Found one that might work, but didn’t get it, because David has something in mind. After that we decided to walk to Bed, Bath and Beyond to see if Dallas wanted to register there – she didn’t. We went into Party something to look at wedding stuff, and got more ideas. Then we walked farther and where did we come to? Barns and Noble!!! Love that store :) There is no place like a book place. Though I didn’t get to look at any books, I still got to read my book, while Mum and Dallas looked at wedding books. By this time it was around noonish, maybe later. And we were…hungry. Mum and I couldn’t eat anything, but Dallas got a muffin at the caffe conected to Barns and Noble, and Mum and I got water.   Then after sitting there for a while, we walked to…Savers. Which was quite a ways away. really. We walked a ton. And we had to go through the snow :) Unfortunately I wasn’t wearing my boots, but rather my OP tennies, and holey socks, and a skirt….sooo needless to say, I was cold for a while. We went into Joann fabrics first – which is on the same strip as Savers – and Dallas found flowers she liked. So we got a few to try out. Then we went to Savers and looked around. We found Noah a possible flower-girl dress. But not much there. So we went down to Big Lots. Didn’t find a lot there either. And where was Dad? He was only a little bit out of Brainard. We were all ready to be done. It was around three pm by then. So we sat in the lawn chairs in the middle of Big Lots store. I read some more, while Mum and Dallas made a list.   Then we decided to try the one last thrift store, that Dallas didn’t want to try, but we did in the end just incase there was a cage for me or something. And guess what we found? Dallas’s WEDDING DRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s beautiful, never worn, and fits her perfectly. It was sooo a God thing, for the dress even had the colour that she had planned for her colour theme!!! She looks stunning in it. It was very affordable too. So that was amazing.  Now next we will need to order Bridesmaid dresses :D She knows which ones she wants, just has to wait to get everyone’s size. We know my size, and Leah’s, and possibly Kristen’s, but not sure on Jenny’s and Laura’s. It’s neat how they – David and Dallas – are doing it, because they are having David’s two sisters and his brother stand up on his side, and Dallas is having me, along with Leah and Kristen to stand up on her side. So no boy-girl thing.

Are you bored yet? I’m sure you are. I’ll skip out on a long whatever of the truck. Not that there is a lot to tell. Yesterday was just the Azure food truck that comes every month. It went fine.

I’m still getting over Jibe Now being done :( It’s so sad. But I won’t ramble on. I need to be done. Bye bye ;)




I am a 22 year old homeschool graduate who is passionately in love with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I love writing, reading, knife/tomahawk-throwing, and letter-writing, among other things. :)

6 thoughts on “Random;weddingdetails;walking;thetruck; ect ect ect.

  1. Wow! That is SO amazing Dallas found her dress!!! Like you said, definitely a God-thing!!!! :D:D

    You should have said more about the truck…food truck??? What exactly was it doing at your place? ;)

    1. I know!! So amazing!! The date is set, as well. May 21st. There’s a story behind it, and I might post about it sometime!

      Hahaha, sorry. It’s a food group deal that my Mum is in charge of. There’s a group of people who order from Azure Standard in OR and then their stuff gets trucked to our church where we – Mum, Dallas and I, sometimes Dad if he’s feeling well – unload it, sort the stuff, and then the people in Mum’s group come pick it up. It’s all organic too. We’ve been doing it for about…6 years now I think… :)

  2. WOW, shopping day! :D Too much shopping can be a bit tiring. ;)
    I’m glad Dallas found her wedding dress, it is so hard to find modest wedding dresses these days.. :( God is good. Btw I hope you’ll post photos of the wedding! :)

    1. Yes, it definitely can! Haha, I’m not much a ‘shopper’ to begin with :P
      It is indeed. Very much so. Its hard to find any modest clothing now! It’s rediculous.
      Yes, I shall try indeed! :D

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