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Matthew 15:11

“Not what goes into a mouth defiles a man; but what comes out of the mouth, this defiles a man” —Matthew  15: 11

(Bolding is my own doing)

I reread this verse maybe five times last night, when I was skimming through my Bible, just reading random verses. When most people think of this verse, they think “Well, be careful with your words, and what you say.” ect. I did that for a while. When I really looked at it, and reread it, the warning “It doesn’t just defile YOU, but it defiles OTHERS.”  rang in my mind.  What comes out of your mouth, will hurt others, not just yourself. How often do we say things that come to mind, without thinking of it? Do we take each word into thought before we actually say them out loud? I know everyone has heard this a million times. If you are in a Christian family, surely your Mum has said it to you  more than a million times: “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say it at all.”  And how many times have we just blown it off? I am found guilty of it. I think “Yes, I know.” but then go on with my day. Now thankfully, I have gotten better as I have grown older, but what about all those years, I didn’t care what I said to Noah or Dallas? Though I did use my hands for bad, more so than my words, I know I have still said unkind things. I feel horrible thinking of it. Graciously, God is a god of forgivness, and I have already been forgiven. I also know that my sisters have forgiven me as well.  I want to get better at it, so that I don’t have to keep asking for their forgivness in that area. It will always be a battle, because our mouths have power. And most of all, so does Satan, to convince us that ‘its okay’.

But really, it is so vitally important to take into account each and every word we say to our family, siblings, friends, and even strangers! Does your mouth  proclaim Jesus Christ, or other words?

Raechel Lenore K.


I am a peculiar treasure who is passionately in love with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I love writing, reading, knife/tomahawk-throwing, and letter-writing, among other things. :)

6 thoughts on “Matthew 15:11

  1. Well at least you are working on it! See I do it all at once. I collect stuff for a couple months, then spend almost all of my spare time, for a week or so, working on it. Did I ever send you anything to use in GTM? Is there any of my Psalm Thoughts (or poems, articles, random thoughts, etc.) on my blog you would like to use in the next issue? If so, let me know…you can just copy it off of there. And I can email you a short bio. :)

    1. I can only spend a short time on the computer before my eyes go weird or my neck hurts, so I don’t usually do a lot of things all at once. :)
      No, you didn’t send anything, but I am going to put in one of your psalm thoughts, if that still alright with you! :)

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