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An engagement :)

I have some exciting news!!!!! David PROPOSED to Dallas yesterday at Under Water World!!!!!! The whole story is quite amazing. God had all this set in place before. It’s cool :)
So, a while back, Dallas had a dream that David proposed to her in Under Water World, but didn’t really want to hope or anything  -and don’t worry, she was completely surprised when he did ask! But anyway. Dad wasn’t ready. He didn’t want to give them the okay, because he, being a Dad, didn’t want to give Dallas away. But God eased his heart, and told him, it was the right time. So yesterday morning, before we all left, Dad told David all this, outside. Dallas still had no clue.
And what else, is before David came out here yesterday, he was about to bring the ring, but decided against it. And here is another weird part. I had a dream the night before we went to Under water w. that David carried around the ring with him everywhere!
So that was kind of it for the morning. We got down to Mall of America around eleven am and first went through Under Water World. It seemed to go really fast, so we decided to go through it again, just after we eat and look around at some of the stores for things we needed. So after we did that, we went through Under Water World again, and this time David thought it was the right time – he didn’t even know that Dallas had that dream though. It was toward the middle that he decided he was going to finally ask her. But he didn’t have the ring, so he went ahead to the gift store, and bought a little ring, to act as the ring, till he could place the real one on her finger when we got home. While David was doing that, Dallas was just taking pictures, still not knowing what was being planned. David got the ring, but didn’t get a chance to actually ask her that time through. So we went again. And he almost didn’t get a chance. but towards the end of it, he got down on his knee, and asked Dallas to marry him!!!!!!!!!! She thought he was joking at first, but quickly realized it was real!!! She of course said yes :)
We were all a little teary-eyed, but happy tears. It was great :) I can’t believe she is actually now officially engaged, and next comes the wedding. And if it is God’s will, they want it to be in May of this year, because they want a short engagement, and Dallas want’s lilacs for her flowers. They’re not sure, though where to have the wedding, or who is going to marry them…they want to have the wedding reception at least, up north, so our grandparents could come to that…we’ll see. God has it all planned out!
Wow. It’s all a lot :)
After that whole deal, we went out and looked at a couple more stores, just for fun, like The American Girl Doll place, and the Nickelodeon Universe park. Then we went home. Well we stopped at a couple places on the way home, to get stuff we needed, grocery wise. :)
So that was an exciting day!  More exciting then any of us would have guessed!
So, we had a very grand day, and that is about all I think I am going to say!


I am a 22 year old homeschool graduate who is passionately in love with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I love writing, reading, knife/tomahawk-throwing, and letter-writing, among other things. :)

6 thoughts on “An engagement :)

  1. What a beautiful day!

    And I am so eager to hear more details about the wedding…share as much as you can as soon as you can, please! :)

    Congrats to your sister!!!!!!!!!! How old is she again? And how old is David?

    I would love to go to an AG place…you really had an amazing day!!! :D:D

  2. Yay!!!! Hmm…wouldn’t it be neat if I was engaged next year?!? I’ll be 18! ;) Yes, yes, tell us all the details about their weddin’! :D

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