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Kitties!!! :)

Here we go with pictures of my beautiful kitties! Keep in mind that they are barn cats – well to me they are very loved pets :D
First picture is most of my cats! The one with her paws on the ledge is Miriam, my miracle cat who has almost died a lot of times :) The one to her right is Ari, and to Miriams left is the backend of Zippy her sister, and next to that is the Mom, Sassy. I wasn’t able to get a real good picture of her unfortunetely.

This second one is of Jessie, another one of Sassy’s babies, but of two years ago :)

This next one is of Sassy’s kittens from this year, is Sea.

And this last one I’ll do, is Taluse, but we call him Louie :)

So there are some of my cats :) Lou likes to come inside in the morning and sometimes helps me type ;) Hehe. This wasn’t a very good picture of him though. he is a very handsome cat, with fluffy fur. He is actually Jessie’s baby from a year ago. She had three, but the other two were ssadly ran over :(
But yes, these are my beautiful babies! Hope you enjoyed :)

Love in Christ


I am a peculiar treasure who is passionately in love with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I love writing, reading, knife/tomahawk-throwing, and letter-writing, among other things. :)

7 thoughts on “Kitties!!! :)

  1. OMGOSH! People think they look scruffy!?! Their FLUFFY! IMHO any fluffy cat is Pertyful! They almost look like Black/gray and white versions of our cats. Louie looks like one we used to have named Spot, but s/he (unfortunatly, I don’t remember which it was lol) go eatten by a pack of dogs that roamed our neighborhood :( It was Megs kitten, and very sweet. The first picture is so funny! It looks like they were having a meeting and you walked in on them! Zippy is the speeker, so you came in behind her! lol Very cute pictures!

    1. Haha! Well thank you for thinking of them nicely! I think they are beautiful :P But up close, you can tell they are barn-cats – especially Miriam, as she is only just recently learning to clean herself! Hehe.
      Oh that is soo sad about Spot! How awful :( I’m sorry.
      Hehe, yeah you’re right! It does look loke they were having a meeting! Haha that’s funny :)
      Yes, I am very glad they are almost all long haired and fluffy :) Zippy and Nehemiah (He’s gray and white…I don’t think I posted a decent picture of him) they have shorter hair – they look very similar in body frame too :)

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