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A dingo ate your baby. ( =0 D)

Hello again!

I found a new template theme! I had to use it, because it is called Daisy Rae – get it? Rae -chel. I get called Rae all the time, so it fits! :)

I am now back home from our trip. We got home Sunday night, and I just haven’t posted yet :)

We had a very good time, for me it was pretty eventful. On Thursday I accidentally caused my parents to think I had drowned. It was very unintentionally, believe me! I went down to the white bench that is at the edge of the Island point, and secluded by trees, so I could write back a friend of mine. I told my Mom where I was going, but she thought I meant somewhere else :) So after quite some time, she started looking for me and couldn’t find me. Dad thought someone had fallen off the front dock, and so they both worried that I fell and drowned…! After calling me for a few minutes, I finally heard them and went to see what the matter was! But I scarred them kind of badly :opps:

The next day, Friday, I stepped on an old rusty nail, while helping Dad make steps for the outside staircase. It only drew a tiny bit of blood, and didn’t hurt too bad. I showed Mom, and again caused the worried face to come on her face, and she told me to put peroxide on it immediately. I did, and I was fine. Though the next day, Saturday, it started to hurt, and I was super dizzy, along with shooting pain in my elbow.  So Mom once more started to worry, that maybe I had tetanus! We were in ‘town’  at the time, so she couldn’t look up the symptoms for Tetanus, but once we got back to the Island, she had Poppy (our grandpa) look it up – and I thankfully did not have the symptoms of it. So I don’t know why I was dizzy and had shooting pain in my elbow – and let me tell you, it was painful when it would happen. It brought me to tears inside a gift shop, when it decided to start throbbing. No good.

While we were at that gift shop, I broke down and bought a very nice  green (not light green or forest green, it is almost like a rusty type green. I don’t know.) sweatshirt that was $4o.oo dollars. Which used up sadly, all of my savings :( But I am getting more money, every weekend till September, because I will be watching dogs every weekend! We’ll see how that goes. I would prefer if it were cats I were watching, but oh well!

And Sunday after noon we came home, because everyone in my family, plus my older sister’s best friend who came up, were all emotionally and physically exhausted.

We did plenty of other things, but I don’t think I will go into detail. I already did that on my homeschool blog…I didn’t go into huge detail, but I said a few more things. Like how we got to play Kick the Can on Friday and Saturday! It was soo much fun!

Okay, well I should be going, have a wonderful day in the Lord!

Love in Christ


I am a peculiar treasure who is passionately in love with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I love writing, reading, knife/tomahawk-throwing, and letter-writing, among other things. :)

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